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Bill Clinton to slam Limbaugh, O'Reilly
Former president hits talkers for not criticizing reality shows on Fox

Posted: May 2, 2003
5:00 p.m. Eastern

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         Former President Bill Clinton will take a shot at top-rated 
talk-show hosts Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly this weekend on his "60 
Minutes" debate segment with former Sen. Bob Dole, reports 
<http://www.worldmag.com/world/home.asp>World magazine.

         According to a transcript of the previously taped segment obtained 
by the magazine, Clinton hammers the hosts for not criticizing the Fox TV 
network for airing what Dole calls "degrading" reality programs.

         Addressing Dole, Clinton says, "Fox, the network full of 
conservative Republicans, has reality shows. You and Bill O'Reilly and Rush 
Limbaugh haven't attacked them."

         Clinton is responding to Dole's criticism of "The Osbournes" and 
other television programming.

         Bill O'Reilly hosts the cable news show "The O'Reilly Factor" on 
Fox News Channel. Rush Limbaugh is longtime host of his own widely popular 
talk-radio program.

         Clinton and Dole agreed in March to tape 10 debate segments for 
the popular Sunday show on CBS.

         Here is a transcript of the exchange:

BOB DOLE: Does Hollywood still think Ozzy Osbourne is funny now that he's 
shipped his underage son off to drug rehab? America is awash in reality TV. 
The reality is it's debasing and degrading.

Mr. President, don't your show biz pals realize the consequences? They 
package dysfunctional people like the Osbournes, giggle at the coarseness 
and the crimes, and sink lower for higher rating. For eight years you 
treated Hollywood like your own piggy bank. Now how about joining me in 
demanding a little responsibility? Ask those entertainment executives who 
wrote you those big, big checks: Isn't there some way to reach the most 
viewers without appealing to the worst in viewers?

Reality exacts a price - sadly, from Ozzy's son today. Maybe from other 
kids tomorrow. President Clinton, how low can things go?

BILL CLINTON: I've never watched "The Osbournes," but 10 years ago did 
challenge the entertainment industry to take violence and other things 
harmful to kids out of their programming. I pushed for the first TV ratings 
system and the V chip to give parents more control over what their kids 

Reality TV makes money because adults watch it. Fox, the network full of 
conservative Republicans, has reality shows. You and Bill O'Reilly and Rush 
Limbaugh haven't attacked them.

As for kids and drugs, the Republican budget gives a tax cut to you and me 
paid for by cutting $50 million (each) from the Safe and Drug Free School 
Program and the Drug Enforcement Administration, and worst of all by taking 
half a million kids out of after-school programs, which we know helps kids 
stay off the streets and away from drugs.

The administration's budget will hurt our efforts to keep kids drug free a 
lot more than "The Osbournes." That's reality.

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