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At 10:07 AM 5/5/2003 -0700, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

>It is mentioned that Steven Bosell is the creation of Phil Henrie - that
>did it. he is one of the idiot talk show hosts on KFI - the same station
>that boasted Bill Press, Tammy Bruce, and it goes on from there.

         Heck, I remember when KFI (Los Angeles) was one of Southern
California's top radio stations.......of course, they still played music,
back then. Nowadays, it seems like the AM dial is a haven for kooks,
Limbaugh-wannabes (both liberal and conservative) and all sorts of strange

         About 14 years ago, I worked in Pittsburgh at a station (which was
FM) that was being programmed at the time by a former KFI personality by
name of Waylon Richards. He was a brilliant programmer, a very capable
administrator and a treat to work for.

         But, I digress.....................when I saw the name "Steven
Bosell" my first thought was, "gads, I hope this guy is no kin to Brent
Bozell." I never recognized, of course that there was a difference in the
spellings of the last names and obviously never realized I was being


John Q.
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