Saw this on Leno

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Tue May 6 04:30:32 MDT 2003

Last night I was watching Jay Leno.  He had this 4 year old girl on his
show.  She knew a helluva lot about current events.  He asked her who the
different people on Bush's Cabinet were.  She got them all right.  He
asked her the names of various world leaders and the name of the governor
of Idaho.  She got them all right.  She was able to recite the preamle of
the US constitution.  This is one smart kid.

If you watch Jay Leno on a regular basis, you've seen his Jaywalking
segments where he asks grown people, many of them on college campuses the
same questions he asked the four year old.  They've been through more
years of school than this girl's been alive and they can't answer the
questions she can.

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