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Tue May 6 03:45:30 MDT 2003

    I am glad Collins is telling things now.  His previous experience
and credentials establish his credibility.   Most professionals at every
stage of their development, including their schooling, find themselves
at odds with the perceptions, philosophies, methods, and behaviors of
those who in particular situations hold  the reigns of authority and
power.  It is unlikely that one can build a career if one is adversarial
in each of these situations.  An adversary will not get the assignments
or promotions that give him access to the inside circles where decisions
are made.  Most of the time one "goes along to get along."   There are
upsides and downsides  to this pattern.  The wiser professionals will
probably choose their battles and fight them from a position of
credibility and strength, though, of course, the outcome of such
contests will depend on a number of variables.  At some point, the line
may be drawn in the sand or the time may be "right," and lips that were
once sealed are opened to give testimony that corroborates what many
conservatives have long known or suspected about the leftist-oriented,
Reality Impaired Press (RIM).   Apparently, for Collins the moment of
truth has arrived.  Would that  the likes of Peter Jennings could have
such a refreshing and redeeming epiphany.  Better late than never.


"Stephen A. Frye" wrote:

>> Peter Collins, a newsman with more than 30 years of experience,
>> including stints with Voice of America, BBC, CBS News and CNN,
>> recently walked away from the news industry and has "no compunction
>> about telling" his story now.
> So, for some huge number of years, he participated in the propagation
> of the lie - for profit, and now, when he is already separated from
> them, he decides to clear his conscience and blow the whistle.
> Admirable.
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