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The Ungaggable Teresa Heinz

By Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 6, 2003; Page C03

Fabulously wealthy Teresa Heinz, wife of Democratic presidential candidate 
John Kerry, dishes an earful to writer Lisa DePaulo in the upcoming issue 
of Elle magazine -- such as her ambivalence about taking her second 
husband's surname and her requirement of a prenuptial agreement with the 
59-year-old Massachusetts senator, whom she wed in 1995.

"Now, politically, it's going to be Teresa Heinz Kerry, but I don't give a 
[bleep], you know?" explains the 64-year-old Heinz, who generally uses the 
surname of the late senator John Heinz (R-Pa.), who was killed in a 1991 
plane crash. "There are other things to worry about."


• Her tendency to fidget, glower or interrupt, instead of simply gaze, when 
her husband gives a speech. "They think I should always be looking 
adoringly at him," she sighs.

• Her financial arrangement with Kerry: "Everybody has a prenup. You have 
to have a prenup. You've got to have a prenup. You could be as generous or 
as sensitive as you want. But you have to have a prenup."

• Her regular Botox treatments: "In fact I need another one. Soon." As for 
cosmetic surgery, "when I need it, I'll get it." She confides that she'd 
like to fix her nose, which has gotten "bulbier" with age.

• Her views on marital fidelity: "I don't think I could have coped so well" 
with a mate's philandering as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has. "I 
used to say to my husband, my late husband, 'If you ever get something I'll 
maim you. Not kill you, just maim you.' And we'd laugh, laugh, laugh." 
Heinz adds that she has never had any reason to suspect either of her 
husbands. "Not for one day, because what I expect of them, they have a 
right to expect of me. Maybe I'm into 18-year-olds." At which Heinz's 
campaign handler, former political journalist Chris Black, cautioned 
bleakly: "That was a joke."

The candidate, meanwhile, praises the prospective first lady as "nurturing 
and incredibly loving, and fun, zany, witty. . . . Definitely sexy. Very 
earthy, sexy, European. She knows how to speak with her eyes." 
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