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    She may be his best asset.  His need for such is great.


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> The Ungaggable Teresa Heinz
> By Lloyd Grove
> Washington Post Staff Writer
> Tuesday, May 6, 2003; Page C03
> Fabulously wealthy Teresa Heinz, wife of Democratic presidential
> candidate John Kerry, dishes an earful to writer Lisa DePaulo in the
> upcoming issue of Elle magazine -- such as her ambivalence about
> taking her second husband's surname and her requirement of a
> prenuptial agreement with the 59-year-old Massachusetts senator, whom
> she wed in 1995.
> "Now, politically, it's going to be Teresa Heinz Kerry, but I don't
> give a [bleep], you know?" explains the 64-year-old Heinz, who
> generally uses the surname of the late senator John Heinz (R-Pa.), who
> was killed in a 1991 plane crash. "There are other things to worry
> about."
> Including:
> ï Her tendency to fidget, glower or interrupt, instead of simply gaze,
> when her husband gives a speech. "They think I should always be
> looking adoringly at him," she sighs.
> ï Her financial arrangement with Kerry: "Everybody has a prenup. You
> have to have a prenup. You've got to have a prenup. You could be as
> generous or as sensitive as you want. But you have to have a prenup."
> ï Her regular Botox treatments: "In fact I need another one. Soon." As
> for cosmetic surgery, "when I need it, I'll get it." She confides that
> she'd like to fix her nose, which has gotten "bulbier" with age.
> ï Her views on marital fidelity: "I don't think I could have coped so
> well" with a mate's philandering as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton
> (D-N.Y.) has. "I used to say to my husband, my late husband, 'If you
> ever get something I'll maim you. Not kill you, just maim you.' And
> we'd laugh, laugh, laugh." Heinz adds that she has never had any
> reason to suspect either of her husbands. "Not for one day, because
> what I expect of them, they have a right to expect of me. Maybe I'm
> into 18-year-olds." At which Heinz's campaign handler, former
> political journalist Chris Black, cautioned bleakly: "That was a
> joke."
> The candidate, meanwhile, praises the prospective first lady as
> "nurturing and incredibly loving, and fun, zany, witty. . . .
> Definitely sexy. Very earthy, sexy, European. She knows how to speak
> with her eyes."
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