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Thu May 8 09:18:11 MDT 2003

At 07:32 AM 5/8/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>If grown people can't remember a few simple facts they should have been
>taught in grade school, what does that say about our educational system?

Heck, I don't remember a lot of what I learned in grade school.  I don't
remember a lot of what I was taught in college.

>Why are you so hostile to a little kid?

I am not hostile a little kid at all.  I do take issue with judging a
person's worth and/or esteem by one's ability to rattle off - or not rattle
off - a few names.

>Good God man.  How much time has she had to develop any depth of
>knowledge about anything?  Three years ago she probably wasn't eating
>solid food.  Two years ago she was crapping in her diaper.

And you make my point exactly.  Thank you!

>Jay Leno is in his 50s.  Is Quantum computing a subject that was taught to
>kids in the public school system in the 50s or 60s when he was in school?
>Probably not.  Did he take any classes teaching it in college?  Probably
>not.  I'd like to see the look on your face when somebody asks you a
>question about brain surgery.

And you make my point exactly again!

>Not quite, however one might be a liberal if one attacks a 4 year old girl
>for knowing stuff that should be taught in the public screwel system but
>often isn't.

Nice try, Jim.

You've shifted gears here.  You were originally comparing the coached 4
year old's ability to rattle off names against an adult's lack of ability
to do the same.  School was not mentioned until now.  If you want to
discuss the education system - fine, let's do so.

> > I am totally missing the point - if there is one.  Is the point that people
> > should be judged based on the names they can regurgitate?  I guess that's
> > as good a criterion as any.
>Try this.  there are some facts that people who are adults should know.

OK - point me to the list of what one *should* know.  And then, if that one
doesn't know something on that list, into what preconceived bin are you
going to dump him or her?

We should all know how to read and write - but we haven't conquered that
yet.  There are still many illiterate in this country and around the world.

>Somme adults do not know these things.  Perhaps the public screwel system
>failed them.  However a 4 year old knows some of this stuff.

Once again you're on the schools.  Well, neither high school nor college
taught me who the present cabinet members are.

>This thread seems to have struck a nerve with you.

Your shallow, baseless, and poorly thought out criticisms of others tend to
bring that out in me.

I'll work on getting that off the list of the things I should know.

>Could it be that you
>were featured on a Jaywalking segment and teased about it by your family
>or co workers?  I think this is a very real possibility.  Otherwise why
>would you be so upset?

Gee.  Was I featured on one of those and missed it?  Darn.  I always wanted
to be on TV.  Gosh - I sure hope I learned all the right things.  I'll find
that doggone list of what I should know and review it really quickly so
I'll be all prepared to impress the masses by being able to respond to Jay
Leno - my goal in life.

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