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Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Sat May 10 00:35:42 MDT 2003

Everyone makes mistakes.  Some people vote DemocRAT.  Some move to
Oklahoma.  Other people correct their mistakes.  Some who used to vote
DemocRAT now vote for anyone else.  Some who made the mistake of moving to
Oklahoma saw the error of their ways and got the hell out of there.  How
nice it is to live in a place where we don't get blizzards, hurricanes,
earthquakes, tornadoes, or PennDOT employees.

At 01:53 AM 5/10/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Aren't ya glad you don't live in Oklahoma anymore?!? Have you seen the
>weather devastation on TV?
>John Q.
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