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Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Sun May 11 10:21:22 MDT 2003

At 04:57 AM 5/10/2003 -0700, Stephen Frye wrote:

>Maybe, but don't you get snakes and scorpions, and Gila monsters, and Brown
>A report last night indicated that the Phoenix Fire department responds to
>more snake calls than fire calls.  I keep waiting for the day we find a
>rattle snake in our yard.  It has happened less than half a mile away.

I've lived in the same place for four years and I've never seen a snake
here.  The scorpions that live here aren't deadly unless you're a baby or a
seasoned citizen.  When I was 13 I was stung by one.  It hurt but I
suffered no life threatening effects.  Brown Recluse spiders are far more
widespread than Arizona.  In fact they're all over most of the American
west including California.  Stephen when was the last time you saw one or
were bitten by one?  Gila Monsters are rare and only found in the
desert.  You don't find them in built up areas.  Gila Monsters are slow
moving and don't inject their poison like a snake.  They secrete it and let
it seep into a wound they create by biting you.  You actually have to find
one then beg it to bite you before it would be a threat.  They are slow
moving and will try to hide when they detect your presence.  Also none of
these creepy crawlies are capable of levelling a city or taking out every
house for miles around in a few minutes.

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