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ISSUE: According to Gary Bauer (, "Conservatives in both the
House and the Senate are furious that [Majority Leader Senator Bill] Frist
went along with a tax-cut 'compromise' with RINOs (Republican In Name Only)
Olympia Snowe and George Voinovich that effectively gutted the President's
proposal - slashing it from $726 billion to $350 billion. Columnist Bob
Novak reports... that Frist didn't bother to tell the White
House or House Republican leaders," adding to the anger.

The White House is now waging a massive campaign to save the tax cut from
Frist's "leadership," and conservatives in Congress are pressing for the
deal to be reversed somehow. Time is of the essence. The economy
desperately needs the boost of tax cuts now to spur job growth and ensure
that G.W. Bush doesn't face the same fate as his father did come election time. notes that the President is taking his case for a tax cut
directly to the American people, and asking for their help. "Congress will
hear from me... Congress needs to hear from you," the president told people
at a rally in Little Rock, Arkansas. "We need tax relief that creates the
greatest number of jobs."

At heart, the president's message to the American people was: "Let your
voice be heard." Stephen Moore, of the Club for Growth, said the president
is hoping the public can help turn the tide in Congress.

"He's a couple of votes short in the Senate, so he's going to some of these
key states where you have skeptical senators," Moore said. "He's trying to
wrangle out these last two or three votes that he needs to secure passage
of the tax cut."

The president only needs a few more votes to secure passage of his tax
plan. Let's help him get them.

ACTION ITEM: Bush's plan to cut taxes is starting to look like the stock
market: going down everyday. Bush wanted $726 billion in cuts, but the
House of Representatives only passed $550 billion. Now, RINOs in the Senate
want it cut even more, to $350 billion or less. It's time they heard from YOU.

Go to our site below to send a FREE message to your two Senators, urging
them to resist slashing President Bush's tax cut plan, and to support his
plan for economic recovery:
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