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At 02:10 PM 5/12/2003 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>If you've looked at the Fox News site over the last week or so, you've
>seen articles about a hazing incident in Illinois. This incident happened
>on a weekend and off of the school grounds. Today I read that the girls have
>been suspended and are facing expulsion. My question is, if does not
>happen on school property, then what authority does the school have to do
>anything about it?

         Plenty! The school does have the authority to establish what sort
of behavior the students are expected to utilize during interaction with
schoolmates - whether on or off campus. The school does have the authority
to determine what sort of limits it will place on what constitutes
"acceptable" behavior from the enrollment.

>If the incident happened on school property then the school would have a
>right to say something about it. However since it happened off of school
>property then it should be only a matter for the police to handle.

         Not at all. It has the authority to dictate what it expects from
the enrollment as far as interaction, personal conduct (suppose one of them
stole a car? The school would have the authority to administer discipline),
even a dress code (when on school grounds).

John Q.

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