Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Mon May 12 16:29:42 MDT 2003

>         Plenty! The school does have the authority to establish what sort
> of behavior the students are expected to utilize during interaction with
> schoolmates - whether on or off campus.

Where do they get that authority?  I am unclear as to exactly what gives
the schools authority to regulate students' behavior off hours and off campus.

>         Not at all. It has the authority to dictate what it expects from
> the enrollment as far as interaction, personal conduct

On Campus - yes.  Off hours and away?  What gives them that authority?

>(suppose one of them stole a car? The school would have the authority to
>administer discipline),

why?  That's a civil matter, not a school matter.

>  even a dress code (when on school grounds).

"on school grounds" - Totally different situation.

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