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At 03:29 PM 5/12/2003 -0700, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

>>         Plenty! The school does have the authority to establish what sort
>>of behavior the students are expected to utilize during interaction with
>>schoolmates - whether on or off campus.
>Where do they get that authority?

         It's always been there, Stephen. Just like a job. If you or me or
any of us went out and engaged in deplorable behavior after hours and away
from the office, garnering national headlines and attention, do you
honestly believe we would still have a job to report to the very next
business day?

>I am unclear as to exactly what gives the schools authority to regulate
>students' behavior off hours and off campus.

         Well, public schools are these days far more lenient than they
were when we were young. Private schools are far more likely to expect a
certain brand of morality to be adhered to - on or off campus.
Administrators will insist that they are protecting the school's
reputation, that discipline "sends a message to others who may be thinking
about acting inappropriately" and so forth.

>>         Not at all. It has the authority to dictate what it expects from
>>the enrollment as far as interaction, personal conduct
>On Campus - yes. Off hours and away? What gives them that authority?

         Schools hardly differ from businesses and (nearly always) wish for
their publicity to be positive. Schools in the inner city may be the
exception to the rule. Heck, teachers and administrators routinely quiz
students about their home life. What gives them that authority? Beats me,
but it's there!

>>(suppose one of them stole a car? The school would have the authority to
>>administer discipline),
>why?  That's a civil matter, not a school matter.

         The administrators would be fully in their rights to decide that
they will refuse students with those kinds of behavioral problems. Again,
public schools are more "relaxed" about such attitudes in today's world. In
the 1960s, I went to public school, attending with a pocketful of
rapscallions who were not only suspended, but expelled for serious

John Q.
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