Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Mon May 12 23:21:07 MDT 2003

Here's the problem I have with the school being involved.  If they have the
authority to regulate student's activities outside of school or a school
sanctioned event, think about what they could do.  Assume that your
neighborhood high school had a gun club that was discontinued due to P.C.
pressure.  The students might decide to continue the club on their own.  To
this end they would meet with their parents' blessing at the nearby firing
range.  The Principal could then say that he was suspending the students
and recommending that the school board expel them because they were
violating a school rule that says students can't have guns or fire them.

Also the school might decide that the students should no longer have the
bible study club that had been going on for some time, so they end it as an
official school sanctioned club.  The students might decide with their
parents' blessing to keep the club going on their own.  To this end they
would meet at someone's home or at a local church.  The Principal might
then say that he banned the club because he thought it would be offensive
to Jewish, Moslem and homosexual students.  He would say he needed to expel
the students because it was common knowledge at the school that the
students were still continuing the club and this was offensive to the non
Christian students.

I've also heard recently about schools trying to punish students for, in
their own time being involved in anti abortion protests and support the
troops rallies.

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