Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Tue May 13 06:38:29 MDT 2003

>         They are free not to accept the enrollment of the individual in
> the first place.

I do not believe that the public schools are free to not accept the enrollment.

>>Who defines deplorable?
>         The School Board, the Board of Regents, the Head Master, the
> Superintendent, the Principal...........it's whatever applies. Some
> schools even have a policy advisory council, responsible for setting
> school policy on any and all issues.

Any and all issues regarding the school.  Yes.  They have been given no
legal authority outside of that scope.

>>What if the school (or an employer) decides that a student's support of
>>the NRA, anti-abortion actions, etc are deplorable?
>         The student can be removed from the enrollment - legally.

And your legal authority on this is exactly what?  Your opening statement
mentioned that the Constitution provides for freedom of association.  Here
you are saying otherwise.

Are you actually saying that a public school can dismiss a student because
of the Church he or she attends?

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