Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Tue May 13 10:34:21 MDT 2003

>         Well, again, the public behavior of students is closely monitored
> in some districts, Stephen. The students are informed at the start of
> each school year what's expected of them - on or off campus. There are a
> couple of such districts near my home, in fact. The neighboring
> residential surroundings are decidedly well-to-do. Nobody has come
> forward to challenge these policies, either. I'm guessing that most of
> the parents (if not all) are in solid agreement with such restrictive policy.

I agree with a lot of policies.  That does not necessarily make them legal
or enforceable.

>         And such schools do choose who can and will enroll, under this
> freedom of association. That's a two-way (albeit narrow) lane, Stephen.

And I am still not sure public schools have that choice.

>         I've not seen that tight of a restriction in place anywhere,
> Stephen. I've heard of threats - not over churches the family(ies) in
> question attend(s), but over student involvement in such things as "Youth
> For Christ" - an extra-curricular organization that is privately funded
> and active in most area schools here.
>         Many school boards are bitter toward this organization over the
> organization's insistence to have access to classrooms after regular
> school hours, which are tax payer funded (obviously). The ill will
> carries over even if the gathering takes place well beyond school
> grounds. No substantive legal action involving Y-F-C has occurred yet.
> But, school boards always seem to have a collection of egos in place.
> This makes for alot of noise, at the very least.

Noise - yes.  Legal - I am still not convinced.

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