Texas DemocRATS

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Wed May 14 01:21:10 MDT 2003

Look at foxnews.com and you'll see a story about a bunch of members of the
Texas legislature who are DemocRATS and are in hiding in
Oklahoma.  According to Texas law, the legislators are not allowed to
deliberately avoid going to the statehouse when there is business
pending.  There is currently business pending but there are not enough
members there to get things started.  Texas Rangers were sent to Oklahoma
to arrest the DemocRATS, but the Oklahoma governor another DemocRAT
wouldn't allow them to do anything in Oklahoma saying they have no
jurisdiction there.  Nevermind that they're breaking the law.

As Jim Quinn and others would say, this is yet another example of the
meltdown among the DemocRATS.  They are loosing ground and they don't know
how to handle it.  They're acting like a bunch of spoiled children who pout
and throw a tantrum because they don't get their way.  I would love for the
Texas governor and the GOP to use this in the upcoming elections next
year.  The GOP should identify these people and remind everybody of what
cowards they are and how low they've stooped to bring the state legislature
to a halt. Maybe while the narrator is talking they could show some footage
of the soldiers in Iraq then change to the DemocRATS hiding in the hotel in
Oklahoma.  If only the GOP will get some testicular fortitude.

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