Hillary Wants To Be Yo' Mamma.......

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Wed May 14 10:02:10 MDT 2003

I can see it now.

Welcome to the Hillary Clinton national 211 helpline.  Please enter the
number for your state in the order it was admitted to the union.

Thank you.  For help with free food press 1.  For help with choosing
healthy food press 2.  If you've eaten too many oreos and you heart's on
the verge of stopping, hang up and dial 911.  If you would like help
ending your oreo addiction press 3.


If you're a transvestite and need help finding a support group in your
neighborhood press 18463.

I'm sorry.  That w as an invalid entry.  To hear the entire list again,
press 9.

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