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          Vol. 19, No. 05
          March 10, 2003

          Pointing  to evidence of federal foreknowledge  of  the
     Oklahoma City bombing and an OKC bombing-McVeigh-Elohim City
     connection,  the  recent AP stories have thus  far  entailed
     only a subset of the much larger body of evidence  uncovered
     and  reported years earlier by The New American.  That  evi-
     dence also points to multiple John Does, multiple bombs, and
     a Mideast connection.

          In  the  lion's den: This photograph shows  former  ATF
     undercover  informant Carol Howe with the  notorious  Dennis
     Mahon.  It appeared in our March 31, 1997 issue. If  the  AP
     follows  the trail it has recently embarked upon, it  should
     "discover"  the same evidence, and perhaps  more.  Consider,
     for  example, Elohim City. One of the members of  that  hate
     community  was Dennis Mahon. As we reported in  a  September
     14,  1998 article entitled "OKC's Mideast Connection":  "The
     Marxism-spouting  Mahon boasts of his connections to  Saddam
     Hussein's intelligence service and admits to having been  in
     its  pay,  beginning during the Persian Gulf  War,  when  he
     organized several rallies for Iraq."

          We  went  much further than  this,  however,  reporting
     repeatedly on developing evidence concerning the involvement
     of Iraqi nationals with Timothy McVeigh and his co-conspira-
     tor Terry Nichols. We reported as early as September of 1995
     on  Nichols'  mysterious trips to the  Philippines  and  his
     possible connections to the Abu Sayyaf terrorists. We subse-
     quently reported on the sworn testimony of witnesses linking
     Nichols to those terrorists.

      ) Copyright 2003 American Opinion Publishing  Incorporated

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