Take *THAT*, Senator Byrd!

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu May 15 00:21:43 MDT 2003

  There is nothing like a ex-Chief Warrant Officer-4, USN to tell it like
it is.

  'Nuff said.

  The following is a letter from CWO Jim Wright, who lives in Huntington, WV
  to his Senator.  Jim doesn't pull any punches and his letter reflects the
  way many of us feel.


  Senator Robert Byrd,

  I am a Retired, U. S. Navy, Chief Warrant Officer, W-4, who
served  Honorably on active duty for thirty-two years, from 1955 to 1987.
I  challenge your public criticizing and slandering our Commander-in-Chief and
  his visit to a major Iraqi War participant, the USS Abraham Lincoln,
CVN-72, May 2-3, 2003.

  The President's visit to that fine ship was a representative symbol of
our  nation's "hand shake, well done, and welcome home" salutation to
every  member of our  armed forces who served, and continues to serve, in
the Middle East War,  not just for personnel of the Abraham Lincoln !

  I was aboard a ship off Onslow Beach, North Carolina, when President John
F. Kennedy paid us a visit during a major Joint Task Force
military  exercise in the spring of 1962.  There was much elation and joy
  the entire fleet of  some 40 ships participating in that exercise;
everyone was grateful and thankful that OUR Commander-in-Chief thought
enough of what we were doing  to come witness one of the largest and most
complex joint exercises ever  conducted by our military.  That visit by
President Kennedy is not one bit
  different from the visit of President Bush to the USS Abraham Lincoln
last week.
Later, in October 1962, I was serving aboard the Navy's first nuclear
powered Aircraft Carrier, the USS Enterprise, CVAN-65, which was a part
of  the activated Joint Task Force, while U. S. Marines from Camp LeJeune
were  again backloading on amphibious ships at Onslow Beach; we were
preparing for an invasion of Cuba.  I remembered President Kennedy's visit
there the  previous spring and the  significance of his visit and concern
for what we  were about to do, if necessary.

  I watched your diatribe on the floor of the U. S. Senate yesterday, May
6, 2003. I initially hesitated to correspond with you because of
heartfelt,  intense disgust with your denigration of our President, and
commensurately,  our military forces.  After much thought, I consider your
conduct on the Senate floor abhorring and shameful, and deserving of any
criticisms directed your way by any veteran or member of our armed forces.

Your party leadership position on the Senate Armed Services Committee is
dubious. Your conduct on that committee is now tainted because your
defamation of  our Commander-in-Chief will be considered in all your
committee decisions and will be viewed by our military forces as being
guided by a purely partisan, edifying, and self serving agenda, rather than
that which is best for our military.

  I believe that you owe an apology to President Bush and to every crew
member of the USS Abraham Lincoln because your tirade on the Senate Floor
on May 6, 2003, did much to malign the faith of many members of this
  Nation's military  forces in our government.  Our military's conduct in
this crisis has been gallant, heroic, and exemplary and deserves the
highest praise and respect.
Your degradation of our Commander-in-Chief certainly does not show any
praise or respect, but sadly places your partisan agenda at a higher level.

  Many of my Navy and civilian friends and relatives have corresponded with
me about your conduct on the Senate floor yesterday and have voiced great
displeasure with your obvious pure, personal partisanship.  I am
being  ridiculed and shamed by them because you are my representative in
the Senate.  I have lost much respect for you as an individual because your
conduct does not reflect the dignity of your constituency, especially those
of veterans and the armed forces.  You have certainly made a lasting
impression on many of my Navy associates and civilian friends,
and  relatives, especially those who do not live in our state.

  I am ashamed of your representation on my behalf.  Your actions
demonstrate a personal, blatant, and obvious HATE for our President.  Your
partisanship has been fomenting since President Bush was ELECTED to office
and your conduct in the Senate and public statements of defiance about
every thing he has attempted to do for the past two plus years is nothing
short of  shameful.

  Be assured that I will work feverishly to end your tenure in the U.S.
Senate and to elect a more deserving representative to the office you
presently hold.



  James H. Wright
CWO4, U. S. Navy Retired
  128 Elwood Avenue
  Huntington, WV 25705-2711
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