The Food Police Re-Emerge..............

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu May 15 07:51:13 MDT 2003

[Some Quayle-guy opined:]

>>         In all sincerity, the beef with this (no pun intended) is
>>"hydrogenated fats" - simply are fats that have hydrogen added for a
>>preservative effect. Hydrogen is something we breathe. As to how damaging
>>these fats are depends really on your body chemistry.

At 05:26 AM 5/15/2003 -0700, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

>This is way, way, way over simplified.

         Jeeze, I didn't think you guys desired a doctoral thesis, or

>Yes, hydrogenation uses/adds hydrogen to prolong shelf life. Yes, we
>breath hydrogen. But the hydrogenation process also changes some of the
>fat molecules.

         That's where the preservative effect comes into play...........

>That is where the problem lies.

         I'll agree...........

>Your statement about how damaging these fats are is also quite

         How so?

>The body - specifically the liver, will far more easily convert trans
>fatty acids (saturated fats) - a by-product of hydrogenation - into
>harmful cholesterol than it will convert other (unsaturated) fats.
>Cholesterol builds up in the arteries. It can cause blockage that, in
>turn, can cause lots of other problems.

         Stephen, get ready for the shock of your life............nearly
everything you've heard about cholesterol is way overblown. Cholesterol is
a necessary element to have in your bloodstream. Why? Without it, your
veins would easily shatter and you'd bleed to death internally. Cholesterol
gives your arteries and veins flexibility by lining them. My mother has
been diagnosed with high cholesterol for the last 20 years. She's never
been over 128lbs and even though she's now 81, she swims regularly. Her
doctor had her on Lipitor (I was, too). Both of us were nearing levels of
300. We both have ceased taking the stuff. Why? Because the drug doesn't
serve a purpose other than making a wad of dough for its maker. Sez who?!?
Dr. William C. Douglas, one for the foremost and outspoken medical experts
in the country. Another expert saying the same thing is Dr. Robert Barefoot
(a Phd in bio-chemistry, not a medical doctor)
<>. Dr. Barefoot has flatly stated on TV that
calcium will naturally regulate your cholesterol and your blood pressure,
as well. He cites a 20+ year study of people living on Okinawa island. His
findings are that they don't have high blood pressure, drink and eat
whatever they like and live well into their 100s.

>Rather than relying on an individual's body chemistry (which would vary
>very little in this specific process), the answer lies, once again, in
>moderation and common sense.

         Somewhat. Nobody is saying that you can gorge on Krispy Kremes,
Oreos and wash that all down with heavy cream. But, your intake of
nutrients in essential in maintaining good health. Secondly, don't
underestimate the effect of body chemistry. I once had a boss (who was a
neighbor as well) who smoked for 40 years and drank two cases of Coke a
week. He made it to a ripe, old 85 - fully functional until the very end, too.

John Q.
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