The Food Police Re-Emerge..............

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Thu May 15 12:21:00 MDT 2003

>         Stephen, I've been married to a very talented nurse for twenty
> years. I didn't just fall of the haywagon..........

Nor did I.  I have two children who are MD's and a daughter who is a nurse.

>>Also, while the absolute number (quantification) of each is important,
>>the ratio of each to the other is equally important.
>         Well, mineral deficiency is twice as dangerous as high cholesterol.

Very hard to quantify.  Both are bad.  But I will not argue one as being
worse than the other.

>>It's like trying to take diet pills without modifying what one eats and
>>expecting to lose weight (in your sleep as advertised). Pointless. Yes,
>>Calcium, and many other minerals will help reduce/break up
>>Cholesterol.  On the other hand, an excess of calcium can lead to kidney
>         Categorically untrue!!! The human body can tolerate 100,000mg of
> calcium! Hippocrates, the father of medicine believed that "all food is
> medicine, and the best food is the best medicine".

And if a little is good, a lot is better?  Ask someone who has had kidney
stones what he or she does to minimize further risk.  Calcium is great - in
the proper doses.  Under or over, and one can invite problems - as with
anything.  Again - where is my bull horn?  Balance and Moderation!

>         Especially those caused by nutritional deficiencies!

I think I have been mentioning diet all along.

>         Within reasonable limits! They aren't endorsing a diet consisting
> solely of a pound of fudge, a layer cake and a gallon of ice cream........

Darn - there's that word "reasonable!"  Hmmmm -
Reasonable?  Balanced?  Moderation?

>         Look, I don't watch what I eat. I eat red meats, drink milk (2%,
> sometimes whole), season foods to taste, have sweets daily (never gorge,
> mind you)..............just about everything that is supposedly bad for
> someone. I also eat plenty of greens and other vegetables. I am
> passionately careful with nutrient intake.

You're passionately careful about your nutrient intake, but you don't watch
what you eat?  I am missing the difference.

Nothing in your list as you mention it is bad for you.  Nothing I have
claimed in this discussion says that anything you list is bad for
you.  Again - I'll try to say this differently:  BALANCE!  MODERATION!

You say you don't gorge - isn't that moderation?  Isn't that what it's all

I watch what I eat, too.  I watch it when I cook it, when I put it on the
plates, and when I eat it.  I stop watching after that (unless of course, I
have a really bad run and I see it again).

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