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At 06:26 PM 5/15/2003 -0700, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

>My son's cholesterol is really high.

         Give coral calcium a try......................this is the form of
calcium that is absorbed into the system the best.

>He was the first among us to start regulating his fat intake. It helped, a
>lot, but it still is too high. He keeps threatening to start running, but
>he's more like the Saturday referees - though he is not at all over weight.

         High cholesterol hasn't killed my mother........if your son is not
overweight, Stephen, any athletic regimen will do. Have a try at using
coral calcium. You'll be surprised at what happens. Remember, Dr.
Barefoot's findings are the product of more than 30 years of scientific
research and much of his findings have been recently certified as "true and
correct" by the AMA. Although your local doctor is still likely to push the
meds on you (at ever escalating prices), the AMA's position (written in the
New England Journal of Medicine) is that they agree that the collective
evidence gathered from some of the world's most renowned scientists
conclusively demonstrates that nutritional deficiency not only is the cause
of cancer, diabetes and heart disease, but also that by correcting such
deficiencies, these diseases can be stopped and any related damage can be

>Most of the men in my lineage have had blocked arteries - severe. I hope
>he is not plagued by this.

         Doctor Barefoot's work shows that by adding a few more milligrams
of certain kinds of nutrients, any blockage can be eased. Go ahead be
skeptical, if you so choose. But, read the books!!! They will make you a

John Q.

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