The Food Police Re-Emerge..............

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Fri May 16 06:46:30 MDT 2003

>agree that the collective evidence gathered from some of the world's most
>renowned scientists conclusively demonstrates that nutritional deficiency
>not only is the cause of cancer, diabetes and heart disease, but also that
>by correcting such deficiencies, these diseases can be stopped and any
>related damage can be reversed.

They have conclusively demonstrated that poor nutrition is *a* cause, not
*the sole* cause.  Proper nutrition may help reduce the occurrences.  It
will not eradicate them.  The statement here tends to say, for example,
that as long as one eats right, one could smoke 10-packs a day and not risk
heart attack or cancer.

>>Most of the men in my lineage have had blocked arteries - severe. I hope
>>he is not plagued by this.
>         Doctor Barefoot's work shows that by adding a few more milligrams
> of certain kinds of nutrients, any blockage can be eased. Go ahead be
> skeptical, if you so choose. But, read the books!!! They will make you a
> believer.

Thank you, but I want the word of more than one individual (and his
team).  There are many who disagree with him.  I am not saying that he is
wrong.  I believe, as do many, that he is incomplete.  I am not under
emphasizing the importance of good nutrition.  Quite the opposite.  But, by
itself, it is not enough.  Even with the best of nutrition, and
supplemental nutrients, there will still be disease - even among those
practicing the nutritional guidelines.

As far as blockage - I would much rather prevent them than try to ease them.

Additionally, I am indeed even more than skeptical when an *expert* also
sells the solution.  This rings of the many hypes one sees advertised on TV
(wait a minute, I remember someone saying that's where they saw him)!

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