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Fri May 16 22:20:37 MDT 2003

At 05:46 AM 5/16/2003 -0700, Stephen A. Frye wrote:
>>[That Quayle Rapscallion:]
>>         Doctor Barefoot's work shows that by adding a few more
>> milligrams of certain kinds of nutrients, any blockage can be eased. Go
>> ahead be skeptical, if you so choose. But, read the books!!! They will
>> make you a believer.
>Thank you, but I want the word of more than one individual (and his

         Fine. Then I heartily recommend that you subscribe to Dr. William
C. Douglas's e-mail newser. Dr. Douglas and Robert Barefoot seem to see
eye-to-eye on a great deal (if not all) issues.

>There are many who disagree with him.

         There are many, Stephen, who are collecting a percentage - a
commission, if you will - from Pfizer, Burroughs-Wellcom and other drug
companies. To me, this is unethical. Even my own doctor (who's a staunch
right-winger, BTW) all too freely pushes the meds - a sure sign of someone
collecting a slice of the pie.

>I am not saying that he is wrong. I believe, as do many, that he is

         30 years of study is INCOMPLETE??? Carrumba!

>I am not under emphasizing the importance of good nutrition. Quite the
>opposite. But, by itself, it is not enough. Even with the best of
>nutrition, and supplemental nutrients, there will still be disease - even
>among those
>practicing the nutritional guidelines.

         How does one then explain the lack of serious disease on Okinawa?

>As far as blockage - I would much rather prevent them than try to ease them.

         Good choice.......nutrition helps prevents them, too.

>Additionally, I am indeed even more than skeptical when an *expert* also
>sells the solution.

         How is this any worse than your personal physician collecting
"commission" from drug manufacturers?

>This rings of the many hypes one sees advertised on TV (wait a minute, I
>remember someone saying that's where they saw him)!

         Me. But, I read his books with an open mind. Don't believe for a
moment that I swallowed hyperbole blindly.

John Q.
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