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     May 14, 2003

     Dear NewsMax reader:

     Please     find    below    a    special    message     from,  a  central  site  for  conservative
     activism on the Internet.  They have some important informa-
     tion to share with you.

     Thank you.


     Dear Conservative Friend,

     It's  time for President Bush to take action  on  appointing
     his nominees to federal courts. As Gregory Page noted in the
     Washington  Times  (,  "Democratic  Sens.  Tom
     Daschle  of  South Dakota, Charles Schumer of New  York  and
     Patrick  Leahy of Vermont and others are blocking  by  fili-
     buster  the  judicial nominations of Miguel  Estrada,  Judge
     Priscilla  Owen and any other nominee that  their  political
     minority does not deem acceptably 'moderate.' Their  defini-
     tion  of  political moderation, policed  by  filibuster,  is
     necessarily the same thing as the imposed political views of
     a  41-member  Senate minority that sustains  any  successful

     The  Democratically-hamstrung  Senate's refusal  to  confirm
     enough qualified judges has harmed the judiciary. There  are
     50  federal  judgeships  for which there is  no  sitting  or
     confirmed  federal judge. The Administrative Office  of  the
     U.S. Courts has determined that approximately 54 percent  of
     these  vacant judgeships represent a  "judicial  emergency."
     For the appellate courts, a "judicial emergency" means there
     are  either more than 600 cases for each judge or  appellate
     panel or between 438 and 600 cases assigned to a given judge
     or  panel  for  which vacancies have existed  more  than  18

     What White House Counsel Alberto Gonzalez now refers to this
     as  a  judicial "vacancy crisis" has become so  severe  that
     President  Bush needs to use his presidential power  quickly
     to do something about it. To solve this crisis the president
     should invoke a constitutional power that Senate  minorities
     cannot  dominate: his power under Article II, Section  2  to
     fill  as  necessary all judicial vacancies during  a  Senate
     recess.  "President Bush must use this power  decisively  to
     appoint Miguel Estrada, Judge Priscilla Owen, and all  other
     nominees  blocked by the Senate minority merely  because  it
     disagrees with the president's political philosophy," stated

     Will  the president's opponents on the loony left  criticize
     him?  Of course, but he can easily win the political  battle
     by simply saying he'll be happy to not use this power  again
     if  the  Daschle Democrats also agree to  not  obstruct  the
     entire  Senate from voting on all judicial  nominees  within
     three months of their approval by the Judiciary Committee.

     If  the Senate minority refuses to allow voting by the  full
     Senate,  then most of the country will easily conclude  that
     these radical liberals are waging a partisan war against  an
     independent judiciary.

     There is virtually no legal risk to this strategy, either.
     The plain words of Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution
     empower  the  president during a "Recess of the  Senate"  to
     "fill up" all pending vacancies.

     No risk, nothing but benefits -- but you can be sure  Presi-
     dent  Bush won't use these powers unless he hears from  tens
     of  thousands  of  Americans like YOU, urging  him  to  take
     action NOW.

     The   Daschle   Democrats   have   created   this   judicial
     emergency... but President Bush has the opportunity to solve
     this  crisis quickly, by making "recess appointments".  He's
     done  it before when Americans rose up and urged him  to  do
     so; he can do it again.

     You  might  have heard that there's a move underway  in  the
     Senate  to  change the rules of filibustering  judicial  no-
     minees -- and maybe it will eventually work. But, under  the
     Constitution,  the president ALREADY has the right  to  make
     temporary  appointments -- bypassing the usual  confirmation
     proceedings,  which have been stalled by liberals  like  Tom
     Daschle -- if he acts during the recess of the Senate.

     And  the  Senate is leaving town the week  after  next,  for
     their Memorial Day recess.

     Making recess appointments would be an appropriate challenge
     to the liberals like Daschle, Leahy and Kennedy who  control
     the  Senate -- and President Bush has successfully  done  it
     before.  Now, we've set up a quick and easy way for  you  to
     have  your voice heard LOUD and CLEAR on this issue!  Go  to
     our  site  below to send a personalized WESTERN  UNION  "Ho-
     tline"  mailgram, urging President Bush to utilize his  Con-
     stitutional  right of recess appointments, so that  his  no-
     minees can get in despite the efforts by radical liberals in
     the Senate to usurp the nomination process:

     If  you were to send a Western Union to the President  your-
     self, it would cost you nearly $15.00 -- but we've set it up
     so  you can send your personalized Western  Union  "Hotline"
     mailgram  for  only $9.95! Send your WESTERN  UNION  message
     TODAY,  to  help  bring an end to  the  Democrats'  judicial

     NOTE:  As always, we've also set up a way for you to send an
     e-mail   to   President  Bush  for  FREE  --  just   go   to
>>>>>  and  click  to <<<<<
     send your personalized email today.

     Be  sure  to forward this Alert to everyone  you  know  that
     wants  to see an end to the judicial tyranny of the  radical
     left  in the Senate. If every one reading this bombards  the
     White House with WESTERN UNION messages and demonstrates  an

     outpouring  of grassroots support for making  Constitutional
     recess appointments, we can put a STOP to the Daschle  Demo-
     crats' efforts to turn America's court system into a  waste-
     land of radical left-wing judges!

     We'll  need a concerted demonstration of solidarity to  con-
     vince President Bush to exercise this right, though.  Please
     send  your  WESTERN UNION message NOW, before you go  on  to
     anything else. For just $9.95, your message will be *person-
     alized*  and  sent directly to the White House  via  WESTERN
     UNION.  Or,  click above to e-mail the President  for  free.
     Thank you!

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