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          From:  The Pro-Life Infonet <infonet at>
          Source:   Washington Dispatch; May 9, 2003

          by Ed Szymkowiak

          [Pro-Life Infonet Note:  Ed Szymkowiak is the  director
     of STOPP International.]

          The number of innocent babies Planned Parenthood Feder-
     ation  of America kills every year via  abortion  procedures
     continues to increase. In its 2001-2002 Annual Report,  PPFA
     stated  that  it performed 213,026  abortion  procedures  in
     2001.  That  represents an 8.1% increase over  the  previous

          New  York state legalized surgical abortion on  Sunday,
     July  1, 1970. On July 2, 1970, Planned Parenthood of  Syra-
     cuse, N.Y., opened the first freestanding abortion clinic in
     the nation. While STOPP International does not have accurate
     numbers  for  Planned  Parenthood abortions  for  the  early
     years, STOPP does have the numbers of abortions PPFA report-
     ed  dating back to 1977. Since that time, PPFA has  reported
     doing 3,019,559 abortions up to and including 2001. Remember
     that this figure does not include pre-implantation abortions
     caused sometimes by the anti-implantation effects of various
     birth control drugs and IUD's.

          If we compare the 2001 PPFA abortion procedures to  the
     generally  accepted  figure of about 1.3  million  abortions
     procedures  per year in the United States, we  can  estimate
     that  PPFA  performed about 16% of all  U.S.  abortion  pro-
     cedures in 2001. Planned Parenthood is the largest  abortion
     provider in the country, running about 160 abortion  facili-
     ties nationwide.

          Based upon an estimated average cost of $375 per  abor-
     tion,  STOPP  estimates  that PPFA had  a  total  income  of
     $79,884,750 from abortion procedures in 2001. STOPP has made
     a  similar estimate for each year from 1977 tho 2001,  based
     upon  the  estimated  average cost of an  abortion  in  each
     particular  year. Adding up each year's  estimated  abortion
     income from 1977 to 2001 gives a total of about $894,000,000
     of income from abortion during that period.

          One measure of how much of Planned Parenthood's  actual
     business is abortion can be obtained by comparing the  esti-
     mated  abortion  income with the income PPFA  had  from  all
     services  combined. In the 2000-2001 PPFA fiscal year,  PPFA
     reported  such clinic services income to be  $241.0  million
     and in the 2001-2002 fiscal year PPFA reported clinic  serv-
     ices income of $254.8 million. Since service data is report-
     ed for a calendar year and financial data is reported for  a
     fiscal  year  (July to June), the estimated  $79,884,750  of
     abortion income for 2001 doesn't fall completely into either
     fiscal  year.  Comparing  the $79,884,750  with  the  $241.0
     million would result in 33.1% while comparing it with $254.8
     million  would result in 31.4%. The average would be  32.3%.
     Thus,  almost a third of Planned Parenthood's clinic  income
     in 2001 can be attributed to abortion.

          Keep in mind that Planned Parenthood has other  sources
     of income such as tax money and donations. Thus, one  should
     not  say  a third of PPFA's total income is  from  abortion.
     PPFA's total income for its 2001-2002 fiscal year was $692.5
     million. If one performs calculations similar to those above
     in  order  to  compare estimated abortion  income  to  total
     income,  one can estimate that abortion accounted for  about
     12% of PPFA's total income in 2001.

          For the fourth year in a row PPFA's adoption  referrals
     to  other  agencies (Planned Parenthood is not  an  adoption
     agency) declined. In 2001, such referrals were down to  only
     1,951.  That's a 79 % decrease from what they were in  1997.
     Yet,  during  the  same time  period,  Planned  Parenthood's
     abortion  procedures increased 29 %. In 2001,  Planned  Par-
     enthood  aborted  about 109 babies for  every  one  adoption
     referral  it  made to an outside agency (divide  213,026  by

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