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Daily Dose
May 13, 2003
         Drug smuggling - across the Canadian border? We Americans believe
in the free market, don't we?

         Of course we do. Why? Because competition for your dollar in
a "laissez-faire" economic model is what keeps prices down, spurs the
development of cutting-edge new technologies, and expands the worldwide
universe of commerce...

         Unless the government gets involved. Then we get price controls,
needless regulation, over-taxation, and a narrowing of consumer options.
People, even the American people who are supposedly believers in free
enterprise, really understand that regulation means higher prices, not

         Case in point: Prescription drugs. Instead of opening the U.S.
market to global competition (like in the automobile, electronics, and
textiles sectors), those Big Brother bandits on The Hill are making it more
and more difficult for you to reap the benefits of a competition-driven
pharmaceutical industry...

         And they're doing it under the guise of protecting your health!

         Now, I want to set aside for a moment the fact that most patent
medicines can put you in an early grave - as can much of mainstream
medicine, for that matter. If you've been reading anything I've written for
the past decade or so, you already know this. No, what I want to bring to
light is how the FDA and other regulatory factions are now aiming to
criminalize Americans for capitalizing on the very essence of the free market!

         Specifically, by seeking lower prices on prescription medications
in neighboring Canada. I can see it now: If these new rules pass, how long
will it be before someone, somewhere gets arrested for smuggling LEGAL
drugs across an OPEN BORDER!

         Here's the rub (or rob, more accurately): According to the FDA,
drugs bought from other countries - even though they were originally made,
sealed, and sold abroad wholesale by U.S. companies - pose a serious threat
to your health. Why? Because they've been across the Canadian border and
cannot be guaranteed safe. Yep. That's their reason for forcing you to buy
the IDENTICAL drugs at your local pharmacy - at two or three times the
price, in some instances.

         This governmental tyranny of the marketplace couldn't possibly be
because of pressure from the drug giants to control prices (translation:
ensure profits). NOOooo! That would be unethical...

         And what a laugh, anyway! The FDA can't guarantee the safety of
prescription drugs in the first place! Look how many people die in the U.S.
every year because of them. Legalistic tricks keep drug prices high - and
make it clear whose interests the FDA really looks out for.

Watching out for the real banditos,

William Campbell Douglass II, MD
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