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Virginia Congressman Feuds With His Priest on Abortion

Alexandria, VA -- Eyewitnesses say pro-abortion Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) got
into a nasty battle with the Rev. Michael Dobbins, a Roman Catholic priest
at the Congressman's parish of Blessed Sacrament in Alexandria, VA, earlier
this month.

         A red-faced Moran was spotted after the 9 a.m. Mass exchanging
heated words with Dobbins. "Moran was screaming and pointing fingers at
him," said one parishioner who was speaking on the condition of anonymity.
"He went ballistic."

         "The Congressman was not yelling at Father Dobbins," Moran
spokesman Dan Drummond insisted. "The Congressman was not the instigator.
It was more of a mutual discussion. "

         Drummond proceeded to charge that it was "unethical" and possibly
"illegal" for Dobbins to use the pulpit to slam Democrats during the Mass.
"The priest inappropriately starting talking about how Democrats had
abandoned Catholics and how the Republican party was the party that
Catholics could rely on," said Drummond.

         Dobbins did not return several phone messages left at the parish,
but a close friend spoke on the priest's behalf. "They are lying," the
friend said of Moran's account, "That is a flat-out lie."

         In fact, the Rev. Bryan Belli delivered the sermon at Mass, so
Dobbins said nothing that could have offended Moran. Drummond later
acknowledged that he was mistaken and that Belli did deliver the sermon.

         Belli did speak about "life" issues in his sermon but did not make
a political speech according to some parishioners supportive of Dobbins.
But Claudia Waller, a parishioner of 35 years who sings in the choir and is
friendly with Moran, insisted the sermon was filled with references to
Tuesday's race for the mayor of Alexandria.

         The controversy centered on the fact that Moran was attending
Mass with City Councilman Bill Euille and Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine. The
Congressman felt that the comments about issues such as abortion and stem
cell research during the sermon were an unfair attempt to damage Euille,
the Democratic candidate for mayor, just two days prior to the election.

         But the Dobbins' friend charged that Moran was merely upset that
the parish had rebuffed a request that Euille be recognized by one of the
priests during the Mass. The friend argued that it was actually Moran who
was inappropriately trying to round up votes for Euille, who is not Catholic.

         Regardless of what provided the spark, all sides confirm that
Moran and Dobbins mixed it up after Mass. "It was somewhat intense -- they
were probably two inches apart", said Waller.

         According to Dobbins' friend, the priest responded to Moran's
anger by responding "How can you reconcile yourself as a Catholic with your
views on abortion?"

         Moran's camp agreed this was not a good way to break the ice.
"The Congressman responded in kind that he was not going to change his
position", said Drummond.

         But the Dobbins' friend insisted it did not end there. "Moran went
off the wall," he said. "He started screaming at him. The nostrils were
flaring. He said "You priests don't know anything about abortion!"

         "Congressman, put away the talking points," Dobbins shot back.
"Talk to me as your priest."

         Moran allegedly responded that there was "not enough time" for the
duo to discuss all the Congressman's problems with the church. But with
Moran's woes over the years and all the speculation about how his career
may be over apparently in mind, Dobbins offered a final word.

         "Congressman, one day you will need me," said the priest. "And I
will be here."

         Moran fired back that "you priests are close-minded" before other
parishioners stepped in and tried to calm everyone down.

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