The Food Police Re-Emerge..............

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Tue May 20 06:48:43 MDT 2003

>         Scoff if you must, but it works! Give it a shot.......

No thank you.  I will NOT try it.  It is dangerous.  Starvation will reduce
weight, too, but that, too, is dangerous.

>         Huh?!? Just by reducing or eliminating carbs?!? I can't see how.

You're not trained in that area.  That's why you don't see how.

I put a lot of research into losing weight and improving my health.  There
are a lot of fad diets around.  For some people, they work.  For the
majority, I doubt it.  Most people (not all) are looking for the quick,
easy way.  They want to eat everything they want and still lose
weight.  Cutting back on eating is very difficult.  Eating is a very basic,
primitive, built-in drive.  People don't want to stop, but they want to
lose.  Fad diets come along and profess they can accomplish exactly
that.  People are suckered in.

Carbohydrates come in essentially two forms:  simple and complex.  In the
simplest description, they are tied to glycogen and are the fuel that is
used to burn fat.  The fad diets recommending limiting (or eliminating)
carbs recommend high intakes of protein.  Therein lies the problem.  - John
P. Foreyt, Ph.D., director of the Nutrition Research Clinic at Baylor
College of Medicine. "Too much protein can also tax the kidneys, which go
into overdrive trying to process and excrete the nitrogen in protein." Over
time, this may cause permanent damage.

Once again - balance and moderation.

The rule for losing weight is actually quite simple:  take in fewer
calories than you burn.  The weight will come off a little faster if one
also lowers the percentage of fat calories in the daily intake.  Exercise
also helps, as it increases the number of calories burned and also
increases the metabolism so that more are burned all day long.  I have
never had a physician recommend a fad diet.  Such recommendations are
reserved for infomercials.

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