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>>for everything?
>         I trust homeopathic remedies, is that so bad? Besides, the
> gentleman in question is a bio-chemist, not a medical doctor.

Not bad at all.  In fact, quite the opposite - if appropriate.  If it is
poorly prescribed in place of what might be truly necessary, that is a
different question.

As far as being a biochemist:

Questionable Credentials
Thousands of Web sites refer to Barefoot as "Dr. Robert Barefoot" or Robert
Barefoot, Ph.D. However, he is not a medical doctor and does not have a
Ph.D. degree. In 1999, Barefoot was not permitted to testify as an expert
in a case in which the Maryland Attorney General stopped the marketing of
T-Up (an aloe vera concentrate) and cesium chloride for the treatment of
cancer and AIDS. The case was extremely serious because the regimen had
killed several of its users. During hearings in the case, the defendants
sought to have Barefoot testify that cesium was effective. The curriculum
vitae that Barefoot submitted described his formal education after high
school as "1964 Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Chemistry" and
"1967 Graduated with Honors, Chemical Research Technology." [11] This means
that his highest educational credential is a diploma (not a university
degree) that reflects only three years of coursework. The presiding
Administrative Law Judge noted that Barefoot had formal training and
experience in inorganic chemistry but had not had any professionally
supported or supervised training or done any professionally recognized
research in organic chemistry and biochemistry in the human body.

Web sites also describe Barefoot as a "world-renowned chemist." His
curriculum vitae states that between 1968 and 1972 he published six
scientific research papers on analytical chemistry and diagenesis.
Diagenesis refers to the changes that occur in sediments as they are buried
under other sediments. This appears to have some relevance to the formation
of limestone, but it certainly has nothing to do with human biology or
human health. Searching Medline, which is the most comprehensive database
of medically-related journals, I located no articles with Barefoot listed
as author.

credit - Dr. Stephen Barrett M.D.

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