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>So far, I can find no law that requires drug companies be furnished with
>the names of prescribing physicians.  As a matter of fact, there is current
>legislation underway to better ensure that this actually does not happen.
>Pharmacies keep databases of this information, but whether that is made
>available to the pharmaceutical company, I have not yet determined.

Stephen, Stephen , Stephen. You are just too naive. The law requires that
the pharmacies report this information to the DEA not the drug companies.
However, the drug companies used to obtain this information from the DEA on
a regular basis via FOIA. So routine had it become that,  IIRC, the DEA as
ordered pharmacies to provide the information directly to the respective
pharmacies to reduce paperwork costs. This also makes it a little more
difficult for pharmacies to obtain information about their competitors. To
get that, a pharmacy has to go to the DEA directly with their FOIA request.

However, that still doesn't prove, as you stated, that Drs. get kickbacks.
On the other hand it is unarguable that some do but whether or not the
problem is endemic would require a government investigation and you know
that ain't gunna happen..
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