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Thu May 22 19:32:49 MDT 2003

     ISSUE:   Who  should go to jail -- home  invaders,  or  home

     According to the New York Times, Mr. Ronald Dixon of  Brook-
     lyn, NY, "was upstairs, in bed, when he heard a noise in the
     hallway.  Half asleep, he opened his eyes and saw a  man  at
     the  top  of the stairs heading toward the  bedroom  of  Mr.
     Dixon's  2-year-old son, Kyle. That was enough for  the  fa-
     ther.  He  grabbed a 9-millimeter pistol that he kept  in  a
     closet,  walked toward the man and asked what he  was  doing
     there.  This  man, Mr. Dixon said, ran  at  him,  screaming.
     That's  when  he pulled the trigger. He  shot  the  intruder
     twice, wounding him seriously but not mortally."

     Now, 27-year-old Mr. Dixon is your basic "straight arrow," a
     Navy  veteran who works two jobs -- 80 hours a week -- as  a
     computer specialist to provide for his family, including two
     small children. The man accused of being the intruder,  Ivan
     Thompson,  40,  is a career criminal with a long  record  of
     burglaries  and  other crimes. If convicted  this  time,  he
     could be locked away for a long, long time.

     Case closed, right? Not quite.

     Mr.  Dixon  had purchased his gun legally when he  lived  in
     Florida.  He  had just recently moved to Brooklyn,  and  was
     smack dab in the middle of running through all the hoops and
     jumping through all the rings -- and there are a LOT of them
     -- to get his gun registered in New York.

     But  the  registration process wasn't yet complete  when  he
     used his gun to defend his family. And Mr. Dixon lives in  a
     borough whose district attorney, Charles J. Hynes,  "consid-
     ers the prosecution of illegal-gun charges a supreme virtue.
     Mr. Hynes wants Mr. Dixon to do jail time... If convicted of
     the  misdemeanor charge against him, Mr. Dixon could get  as
     much  as a year. Mr. Hynes is offering a plea  bargain  that
     would involve four weekends, tops, on Rikers Island."

     You  read  that right. Mr. Dixon is facing up to a  year  on
     RIKERS  ISLAND if he doesn't accept the "plea bargain"  from
     District Attorney Hynes and plead GUILTY on a gun possession
     charge,  for a gun he had purchased legally and was  in  the
     process  of  making  legal in New York. And  if  he's  found
     guilty,  his permanent record could keep him from  obtaining
     work in his field.

     We just don't think that's right.

     ACTION  ITEM:  The Brooklyn DA is elected to that  position,
     from  what  we  understand. As an elected  official,  he  is
     obligated  to listen to what voters have to say.  So,  we've
     set up a way for you to easily communicate with him.

     Go to the site below to send an editable pre-written message
     to  DA Charles J. Hynes, letting him know what you think  of
     prosecuting  upstanding  law-abiding  citizens  who  try  to
     protect their families:

     Or give Mr. Hynes a call at 718-250-2000 (718-250-2025 after
     hours and weekends).

     NOTE:   This isn't a "gun control" issue; this is  a  FAMILY
     PROTECTION issue. Be sure to forward this email to  everyone
     you  know  who wants to see *real* justice prevail  in  this
     case. Thank you!

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