Family Support

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at VERIZON.NET
Tue May 27 06:55:45 MDT 2003

Jim recently posted an article about a mother who was killed as a result of
her service in the army.  ( I know it was in the armed services, may have
been some other branch).  He posed an interesting question about her choice
to serve, thus putting her life at risk and, as a result, the well being of
her children.  The article cited no reason for the absence of the
father.  I don't know the reason either.  I won't speculate.

I have been asking myself the same question since I fired off my initial
response to that article.  What would I do to support my family?  Well,
there's always welfare.  I wondered how the critics would react to that one.

My answer to that question was quite simple - and it is still the same.  I
would do whatever it takes to support my family.  I am fortunate.  I have
never had to weigh the long term versus short term well being of my
children.  Perhaps this mother was faced with this horrendous
decision.  Having known, and still knowing people faced with regular
inability to place food on their tables, it seems perfectly logical to me
for her to chose food today versus possible danger tomorrow.  I would opt
for food today without hesitation.  There were countable years in my life
where I put food on the table for my children and a roof over their heads
with absolutely no regard whatsoever for what may have happened tomorrow.

We had a posting in this group as recently as three months ago that
mentioned that a caring parent should do *anything* to provide for the
family - at any risk.  Anything less was neglect.  Are we now qualifying
that statement?

With only the available facts, I admire this mother for doing what she
did.  Yes, she put her life at risk, and she paid the ultimate price.  Yes,
the future well being of her children is also in question.  But, from what
I can see, she made a decision.  She decided to feed her children today, by
working, rather than relying on the welfare system to do it for
her.  Perhaps there was even some patriotism involved.  I see no wrong
doing and no lack of character and no lack of good judgement.

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