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          By Randy Thomasson <update at>
          Executive Director, Campaign for California Families

          April 2003

          I receive a lot of emails'  During CCF's recent "No New
     Taxes"  lobbying  campaign, I received several  emails  from
     people  saying they've had enough of California 's  problems
     and they're moving out of the Golden State'

          What  about you?   Are you moving out of  California  ?
     Or will you stay and fight?

          Those are the options for pro-family citizens'  You can
     say, "It's gotten so bad morally and financially in Califor-
     nia , God wants me to flee from persecution and move'"

          Or  you can say, "Wait a minute'  I'm called  to  shine
     the light instead of cursing the darkness'  People are  down
     on  Gray Davis and shocked when they hear about the  liberal
     agenda'  There could be a recall campaign'  A lot more  pro-
     family  people could do a whole lot more'  I'm  staying'   I
     want  to  do my part in the fight for the children  and  the
     heart and soul of California '"

          What do you say?   I say: Don't move'  Instead,  please
     stay  and fight'   If you're a Christian, you are called  to
     shine  the  light  of truth'  This analogy  assumes  a  dark
     situation'   We are told to love God and neighbor, cling  to
     what is good and expose what is evil'   When you think about
     it spiritually, it's a great time to be a Californian!

          Trends show California  is ripe for change'  People are
     feeling  the pain of the state budget mess, the energy  cri-
     sis, anti-family laws and taxes that drive out jobs'

          They're focusing their anger on Gray Davis'  In  Febru-
     ary, the Public Policy Institute of California reported that
     60% of registered voters and 72% of likely voters disapprove
     of Davis ' job performance'

          Then  in March, the Los Angeles  Times   reported  that
     only  27% of Californians approve of Davis  and  a  whopping
     64%  disapprove'    If the Times had chosen  to  report  it,
     Davis  ' negative numbers are probably closer to  80%  among
     the people who regularly vote!

          In  the Bible, Paul encouraged a young pastor  who  was
     feeling weak'  Timothy was told to "fight the good fight  of
     faith," "endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus  Christ"
     and "be ready in season and out of season'"

           The  most admired people have persevered in the  midst
     of  tremendous  adversity'   George Washington  and  Abraham
     Lincoln both knew what trouble was'  Washington  could  have
     retired  at Mount Vernon , but he chose to se rve as  presi-
     dent'   Lincoln  could have been a rich lawyer, but he cared
     about slavery and the plight of our nation'

          Alexander  Graham  Bell, who failed in his  attempt  to
     create a device to help the deaf, succeeded in inventing the
     telephone'   Reflecting on his life, Bell  said,  "When  one
     door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so
     regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the on e
     which has opened for us'"  Truly, the glass is half-full'

          Nobody wants to be controlled by fear'  But we have  to
     choose to walk in a spirit of power, love and a sound  mind'
     Reject  fear and banish fatalism'   Stay in California   and
     "fight the good fight'"   As faithful people, we must put on
     courage  and take full advantage of the  opportunities  pro-
     duced by pain'

          Pain  has a way of getting our attention,  doesn't  it?
     By staying in the battle, asking God for vision, and  think-
     ing in brand new ways, the pro-family movement will grow'

          Randy  Thomasson's  commentary was published  in  CCF's
     April newsletter'  If you would like to receive CCF's month-
     ly newsletter, please consider becoming a financial support-
     er when you write Campaign for California  Families or visit
     us online at'

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