The New Counterculture

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The New Counterculture
Gary Aldrich
Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2003

         On Nov. 7, 1972, the New Left, also known as the "counterculture," 
suffered a major defeat at the polls when Leftist presidential candidate 
George McGovern lost 49 states to Richard Nixon.

         Nixon's joy was short-lived. His re-election caused a furious 
counter-reaction by the emerging Hard-Left ideologues like Hillary Rodham 
Clinton. This movement, nurtured on the dreams of a Marxist-style 
revolution, had to settle instead for grown-up pragmatism that had as its 
basic tenet that to destroy the hated "system," you first had to join it.

         They left the romantic Counterculture behind and moved into 
positions in American institutions that would most likely provide the 
corrosive powers denied them in the voting booth.

         In two short years, the passion that supported a quixotic McGovern 
presidential bid was used to monkey-wrench the hated Nixon administration. 
They forced Nixon to resign, and American politics has never been the same.

         Republicans for their part have been unable to admit that while 
they won the election in 1972, those same hate-filled political opponents 
they faced were able to undermine Nixon's popularity so that he dropped 
from being a very popular president to being one of the most hated. Most 
Republicans preferred to believe instead that what had happened to Nixon 
was good, old-fashioned politics "mean-spirited" to be sure, but as 
American as apple pie.

         Many also preferred to believe that the New Left simply faded away 
after McGovern's remarkable defeat, but those who persist in believing a 
"warm fuzzy" fiction in spite of the facts do so to the detriment of the 
Conservative Movement and the very future of this nation as we remember it.

         Conservatives were mistaken when they believed the fall of the 
Soviet Union meant the defeat of worldwide Communism. Conservatives made 
fighting the Cold War a foundation upon which they built a successful 

         Never mind that China, North Korea, Cuba and just about every Arab 
nation maintained Marxist-style dictatorships. The temptation to declare a 
major win and to announce that all was well was just too good to resist. 
The loud clinking of champagne glasses at VIP victory celebrations drowned 
out the warnings that our own homegrown Socialists and Marxists were still 
very hard at work, and that they were winning!

         Burrowing deeper in our institutions, these termites never wavered 
from their dreams of weakening the United States by demonizing Capitalism, 
throwing out Judeo-Christian influences, and further empowering the greedy, 
bureaucratic United Nations that held for them the promise of world-wide 

         In 1972, those on the Right who fancied themselves historians and 
political pundits declared the New Left dead, if not buried. They then 
marched off to slay other dragons and to set up guard posts on the fronts 
they believed more important to the Republic.

         Whatever concentration they gave to the so-called "leftover 
Communism" fell on distant shores, and they ignored repeated warnings that 
the New Left was not gone at all but, like the Mafia, had decided to go 

         Before and after McGovern's defeat, Communist Party USA member 
Saul D. Alinsky was mentoring a young Hillary Rodham, encouraging her to 
become part of the system the Left hated so much. Hillary took Alinsky's 
advice and joined her Leftist friends on the Senate staff of the Committee 
to Impeach Richard Nixon.

         The Conservatives had their mentors and authors and philosophers, 
too, like Ayn Rand, Russell Kirk and Milton Friedman, but the difference 
was that our movement was based mostly on honestly, self-reliance and hard 
work. In other words, Traditional American Values.

         But Alinsky was an accomplished liar, meaning the major component 
used for victory in his movement was just the opposite it was the generous 
use of the lie.

         Alinsky taught Hillary and thousands like her that the truth was 
relative, and that truth should be used as a simple "tool" to apply to any 
situation to ensure a win. Alinsky understood that if you could not win, 
you would not have power to rule and make change.

         Alinsky also understood that while lying was considered by most to 
be unethical and unseemly, it was certainly not illegal when used in the 
political theater and after all, that was the stage upon which they would 
accomplish their agenda.

         In 1993, Bill Clinton became president, guided by Hillary and the 
ghost of Saul Alinsky. They won the White House with only 20 years of hard 
work, and enjoyed two terms in office. The political wing of the Hard-Left 
finally joined the rest of the American institutions, already corrupted by 
the Hard-Left termites.

         From the mainstream media, to academic professors proudly 
proclaiming their Marxist ideology, to a demented Hollywood in love with 
the Hard-Left's "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll" - everywhere you look you 
can find the degrading and demeaning influences of the Hard-Left, who 
simply followed the powerful political guidebook written by Saul Alinsky.

         Their best achievement has been the federal court system. When 
President Bush tries to alter the course of any one of the institutions - 
especially the system obviously hijacked by this very dangerous political 
movement - the Alinsky-ists react in a fury reminiscent of their 
post-McGovern outrage, and find a way to stop him.

         Republicans and many Conservatives continue to ignore the growing 
evidence that the New Left has matured into a "Hard-Left" that even now is 
beginning to worry traditional Democrats like Sen. Zell Miller. Sen. Miller 
broke ranks with the Democratic Party leadership when he wrote a book 
detailing his concerns.

         In following the advice of political tacticians like Saul Alinsky, 
the New Left Counterculture has become the Establishment in less than 20 
years. They easily elbowed out of the way the honest, decent, patriotic 
Republicans - especially Conservatives who still insist we are dealing with 
good old-fashioned politics rather than a dangerous force determined to 
destroy forever the America that some of us still remember.

         Remarkably, the Hard-Left has also fooled their own party 
faithful, the Heartland Democrats. These good people neither comprehend, 
nor would they ever agree with, where Alinskyism is taking us all.

         Alinsky, being the faithful Marxist that he was, had no other 
destination than outright Marxism for America; but don't count on the timid 
and gentle Republican Party to save us from this destructive path. 
Apparently, the GOP would rather live in its own lie of defeating worldwide 
Communism than to admit that it failed to maintain a watch within our own 

         Maybe the Heartland Democrats can save the day. They are not as 
naive as their friends on the Conservative Right who cannot, or will not, 
believe there are citizens born and raised here who for some reason hate 
this country and are determined to bring it down.

         I call them Alinsky's Marxists, and Hillary Clinton could be their 
queen. They are today's mainstream they are now the hated System. And that 
makes those of us who know the enemy and are determined to fight this 
dishonest, debilitating and insidious corruption the "New Counterculture."

Gary Aldrich is the author of the recently released hard-hitting book, 
on the Left: An 
Report on the Hijacking of the Democratic Party," an exposé of the clear 
and present danger the Hard-Lefts agenda presents to our national security 
and our freedoms. Available now at 

Write Gary Aldrich at <mailto:PatHenCntr at>PatHenCntr at

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