Global Warming Causing Snow In NH!

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Mon Nov 3 07:17:26 MST 2003

Global warming alarmists are to modern science what the flat
earth “scientists” were to the dark ages.   Fossils of salt water fish high
in the mountains, of  fresh water fossils under today’s seas, boulder fields
that testify to seven different ice ages here in the temperate northeast, and
Woolly Mammoths frozen in Siberia with their bellies full of fresh dandelions
are beyond the limits of their belief structure.

The alarmists may worship at the alter of good intentions, but the fact is
the climate  models they build their doomsday scenarios on are as flat as the
maps used by the church in the 15th century.    Their mapping of  global
temps during the most recent tick of mother earth’s clock is the only map the
know, and ever want to know.


> That's right.
> It's late October and snowing in New Hampshire.
> This is apparently a surprise for Senator Lieberman, who stated that
> "global warming" is the reason it is cold and snowy in New Hampshire
> this time of year.
> You gotta love those Democrats. Even when reality bitch-slaps them in
> front of TV cameras, they stick to their propaganda talking points.
> Brett
> Send email to reagan @ to support the boycott of CBS!

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