Losses in Iraq

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Mon Nov 3 11:13:14 MST 2003

    As losses mount in Iraq, I am wondering whether the dangerous
"triangle" can be "sanitized."  Here's what we used to do back on the
farm.   In the summer, annoying, debilitating fly populations would
begin to rise.  We would then evacuate the barn of the stock and fog the
barn with insecticides.  After running the fans to aerate the barn, we
could let the stock return to a fly free barn.  The "triangle could be
evacuated in an orderly way, check out the identity of each person.
Then the area could be swept clean of these terrorist and resistance
cells.  I am not suggesting any kind of poison here.  Rather, a sifting
process in which we can separate the friendlies from the combatants and
then deal with each group appropriately.  This process may need to be
done several times in the coming year.  Is it feasible?


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