Global Warming Causing Snow In NH!

Dennis Putnam dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Nov 3 14:46:18 MST 2003

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At 12:06 PM 11/2/2003, you wrote:
>That's right.
>It's late October and snowing in New Hampshire.
>This is apparently a surprise for Senator Lieberman, who stated that
>"global warming" is the reason it is cold and snowy in New Hampshire
>this time of year.
>You gotta love those Democrats. Even when reality bitch-slaps them in
>front of TV cameras, they stick to their propaganda talking points.

Speaking of which, global warming has finally arrived in GA. After one of
the coolest summers on record we are experiencing above normal temps in
November (high 70's, low 80's). What more could I want? Well, one thing:
How much longer do I have to wait before I can grow my own oranges? I just
wish global warming would hurry up. Anyone know where I can get a few tons
of R-32 to release into the atmosphere?

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