Howard Dean - Open Mouth, Insert Foot

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>Well, ole Howard just can't say something without thinking before he says
>it. Today, he makes the following statement:
>"I want to be the candidate for the man down south who drives a truck and
>has a Confederate flag on the truck...." or words to that effect.

         Jim Quinn nearly busted a gut over this one on this morning's
show. He had the actual sounder (sound bite for those of you in Rio Linda)
from "Meet The (De)Press(ed)" - Russert was grilling Zell Miller. According
to Jim, Russert nearly had a cow over the comment. Miller's brilliant
offering was, "Dean knows as much about southern politics as a pig has
knowledge of Sunday."

>Whoops, Howard, you should have thought that one over before you opened
>your mouth. Of course, Richard Gotafart immediately retorts by saying,
>"I want to be the candidate for the man down south who drives a truck and
>has an American flag."

         "Geppie" wants that American to buy Chevies made overseas, though.
The problem is that the GDP will still reflect growth, but the rate will be
a "jobless" one.

>Al "I ain't got a chance" Sharpton immediately fired a salvo at Dean for
>his innocuous statement. I just love to watch the Dems self destruct.

         Then pay attention to the tomahawking that is presently occurring
on Zell Miller, over the release of Miller's new book - a hard-hitting
scolding of his own party.

John Q.
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