Reagan: We won, but we're not done

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Dear Americans,

We won! But we're not finished yet either.

After writing you last week and asking you to pressure CBS
to spike the film on President Reagan, almost 22,000 of you
responded and signed a petition to CBS.

And just today, CBS came out and announced that they are not
gong to air the mini-series on the network as planned, but
instead have licensed it out to Showtime where it will air
in the future.

Congratulations! You applied the pressure, and a major TV
network backed down. This is a great victory, and we should
be proud.

But we shouldn't quit either. CBS is still planning to air
this terrible series on the Showtime network. Granted, it'll
be seen by a much smaller audience, but so what? My view is
that a lie to one person is just as bad as a lie told to 100,000
people.  Therefore, CBS should not air it on the Showtime Network

Please make sure you click the link below and sign the
petition to CBS.  We won a partial victory, but this issue
isn't over yet. What they're doing is still complete
character assassination on President Reagan, portraying him
as cold and uncaring towards the poor, dishonest, and not in charge
of his administration. The film neglects to mention the success
he had; record econonomic growth, winning the Cold War, and
bringing a sense of optimism back to America again.  The real
Reagan legacy is peace, prosperity, and freedom, but CBS doesn't
even come close to presenting this accurate picture of one
of the greatest American presidents of all time.

The heat is already on CBS. Let's turn it up now.  They
deserve it.
For America,

Bruce Eberle

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