Chi Chi's

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at 216-19-216-16.GETNET.NET
Sun Nov 9 21:46:11 MST 2003

You've heard of the Chi Chi's in Pennsylvania where some of the staff had
hepatitis and hundreds of the customers got it and now thousands are
thought to have been exposed to it.

On Friday's show Quinn wonders if it's possible for one or two employees to
infect that many people.

What I have to wonder if any of those employees are moslem.  Then again, it
doesn't have to be terrorism.  In my younger days I worked at various fast
food joints.  Many times I saw employees who left the restroom without
washing their hands.   How disgusting.  He's just had his hands all over
his willie or had his hands up his butt and now without washing his hands
he's going to fix somebody's food?  When I caught one of these jokers I
would tell them to wash their hands.  If they didn't, I'd report them to
the manager and he would make them do it.

Considering how so many people are taught so little in today's public
schools and how little they know about science, germs and such, it's a
miracle that this thing at Chi Chi's doesn't happen more often.

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