I thought I had seen it all

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at 216-19-216-16.GETNET.NET
Sun Nov 9 22:11:55 MST 2003

Someone should have taken this little monster out fishing and thrown him in
a lake to drown.


Six-Year-Old Boy Suspected in Grandfather's Death

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.  — A 6-year-old boy suspected of shooting his
grandfather to death with a .22-caliber rifle has a history of mental
illness and attacking family members, authorities said.


Before his legal counsel halted the interview, the boy indicated to
authorities that he was responsible for Zbinden's death, Hemeyer said.

A juvenile court will handle the case.

Juvenile "punishment does not exist in Missouri," Hemeyer said. "Everything
is set up for the welfare of the child. Certainly, this is one of those
instances we have an extremely disturbed child who needs help badly."

Me again.  He needs help allright.  He need help to assume room
temperature.  This little b****rd should be taken out and shot, but he will
be let out by Christmas so he will be around for years to come to kill again.

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