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Just a couple of questions.  Is this a "happening" or
an "allegation?"

If it's an allegation, judgment should be suspended
until actual facts are known, considered and
determined to be true or false or true with good
reason by ACE, shouldn't it?

What exactly does Dick Cheney have to do with this,
ah, happening?  Is there an allegation also pending
against the Vice President?  The mention of his name
seems to be immaterial and gratuitous, doesn't it?

This report may or may not be true, mostly true,
partly true, almost not true at all, or flatly false.
In any case, I'm frankly suspicious of anyone or any
one group that rushes to the nearest trampoline in
order to jump for joy at the very prospect of trashing
the United States company, Halliburton.  These wags
usually turn out to be leftisits or leftisit
sympathizers, all with agendas.

And that wouldn't be unusual at all, would it?


--- "Stephen A. Frye" <s.frye at VERIZON.NET> wrote:
> You know, with happenings like this one, Liberals
> don't need to dream up
> garbage - we give them ammunition!
> The Army Corps of Engineers is considering
> terminating its contract with oil
> services firm Halliburton to purchase gasoline for
> the citizens of Iraq, amid
> allegations the company is overcharging the U.S.
> government.
> Under the contract with Halliburton, the
> Houston-based firm formerly run by
> Vice
> President Dick Cheney, the Army Corps buys gasoline
> for $2.65 per gallon, which
> is then distributed by the Iraqi Oil Ministry.
> Halliburton purchases the
> fuel in
> neighboring Kuwait. The price includes the cost of
> transporting the gasoline
> into Iraq.
> However, the Defense Energy Support Center, which
> also imports gasoline from
> Kuwait for use by the military services, charges
> only $1.08 to $1.19 per
> gallon,
> lower than the average price in the United States.

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