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At 05:01 PM 11/10/2003 -0800, MC Spearing wrote:

>         Just a couple of questions. Is this a "happening" or an "allegation?"
>         If it's an allegation, judgment should be suspended until actual
> facts are known, considered and determined to be true or false or true
> with good reason by ACE, shouldn't it?
>         What exactly does Dick Cheney have to do with this, ah,
> happening? Is there an allegation also pending against the Vice
> President? The mention of his name seems to be immaterial and gratuitous,
> doesn't it?

         Yes, indeed.......Cheney has no current ties to Halliburton. He
did serve on their Board of Directors during the '90s. That's old news,

>This report may or may not be true, mostly true, partly true, almost not
>true at all, or flatly false. In any case, I'm frankly suspicious of
>anyone or any one group that rushes to the nearest trampoline in order to
>jump for joy at the very prospect of trashing the United States company,
>Halliburton. These wags usually turn out to be leftisits or leftisit
>sympathizers, all with agendas.

         True, Michael. We should also keep in mind that the U.S. Army sent
in private companies to Iraq on the basis of existing long-term contracts.
It should be pointed out that the bidding process, when begun from scratch,
takes about nine or ten months to wrap up. This would further slow down the
re-building of Iraq and the lefties would have something else to yip and
yap about.

>And that wouldn't be unusual at all, would it?

         Of course not!

John Q.
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