The Tempe Mosquito Hatchery.

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>Plan for UN to run internet 'will be shelved'

When the liberals say a plan has been shelved, they mean the following:

We acknowledge that there is so little support for this that we can't get
away with it at this time.  We will admit defeat to those who oppose
us.  Then we will keep hammering the people over and over until they give
in and let us have what we want.

Here in Arizona this sort of thing happened back in the late 80s.  There
was a plan to provide mass transit to most of Maricopa County, not just
metro Phoenix.  That plan would have included daily bus service to towns in
the county such as Gila Bend and Aguila.  Both are about 80 miles from
downtown Phoenix.  People realized back then that this was a totally
worthless concept and it was voted down.  A couple of years ago the
politicians succeeded.  You can't ride a city bus to Gila Bend, but it's
coming in the next year or so.

Also about the same time some of these idiot politicians had a scheme to
build golf courses and parks IN the Salt River.  As Captain Wattenberg of
the German Navy found out in the 40s, the Salt River has no water in
it.  This scheme was voted down in the 80s because people still remembered
the floods we had in the early 80s.  All the water in the Salt River is
taken for irrigation before it reaches Phoenix, but every so often we get a
lot of rain in the winter and the Salt River Project which owns the dams
has to release water to make room for what's coming in due to the
rainfall.  In the early 80s this resulted in flooding along the Salt River
several times.

A few years ago a plan was approved by the city of Tempe which borders on
the Salt, to build a lake and parks in the riverbed.  They put up two
inflatable rubber dams in the riverbed and filled the space between them
with water.  This was supposed to be the centerpiece of some new
development.  It was supposed to make developers want to build hotels,
parks, shops and other tourist traps alongside the mosquito
hatchery.  Here's something else that shows the genius of that rump ranger
mayor they've got in Tempe.  The Tempe mosquito hatchery (Tempe town lake)
is directly under the approach pattern of Sky Harbor airport.  In the
desert, bodies of water attract migratory birds.  Would you want to be on a
plane when it's flying over the mosquito hatchery and sucks in a flock of
hairy chested nutscratchers?

I joke about it being a mosquito hatchery.  Not only is that a problem, but
the lake is also a lovely shade of green.  It's a shallow pond and is
perfect for growing alge.  Of course this means they've fought (mostly
unsuccessfully) to combat the alge growth.  Now with the arrival of the
West Nile Virus we've got a perfect facility for growing mosquitos.  Also
the hatchery is about a mile from the Phoenix zoo, so all the animals there
can get it too.

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