Heavy Hand Of Gov't.........WOD....

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at 216-19-216-16.GETNET.NET
Fri Nov 14 13:05:10 MST 2003

This is inexcusable!  The principal of that school should be fired.  Every
one of the school board members who supported this should be thrown out of
office.  The police officials who authorized this thuggery should be fired
also.  The police involved should also be prosecuted for excessive use of
force or anything else they can be prosecuted for under state law.  If the
police can't be prosecuted, then some new laws need to be enacted for the
next bunch of uniformed thugs.

No I don't hate all cops.  Police serve a valuable role in our
society.  However we don't need these hick cops who get off on a power trip
by terrorizing a bunch of kids by slamming them against the wall or floor
then pointing guns at their heads.

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