Goose Creek thugs

John A. Quayle Boss302 at LOCALNET.COM
Fri Nov 14 20:32:20 MST 2003

At 01:51 PM 11/14/2003 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>I can't help but wonder how this incident will hurt the local
>economy.  Think about it. If you're a businessman who wants to expand his
>company. Are you going to build your new plant there?

         Are you kidding?!?!?

>  If you do, you will have a hard time attracting good people. After
> knowing about the incident, how many of your employees would want to move
> there?

         Nobody that I know and that includes some really dense liberals,
as well.

>I don't know what local tourist traps they have there, but if you're a
>tourist driving through the area, would you want to risk being pulled over
>by some thug who gets off by pointing guns at unarmed children?

         My blood pressure would rise like the mercury in a thermometer on
a July day......................

>Maye you're not speeding, maybe you come to a complete stop at every stop
>sign, and maybe you are one of the few who does use their turn signals
>before making a turn. Do you think that would matter to one of these
>gestapo wannabes?

         Certainly not!!!

>For all you know, if you have a car that Bubba would want, maybe he would
>pull you over, say you were speeding and conveniently "find" some drugs in
>your car.

         Even Henry Hyde was aghast at the confiscations happening in the
name of the WOD. Stuff has been confiscated (and kept) with no connection
whatsoever to law-breaking. And the cops don't have to return anything or
give you a reason why, either............"vo ist ein papers, bitte?" Brown
shirts, anyone?

>Fox News reported that one of the cops was harassing a kid about the cash
>he had in his wallet (about $100). Turns out the kid works at the local
>Kentucky Fried Chicken and just got paid.

         I'll fight the urge to joke about chicken scratch...............
......anyhow, this is quite similar to airport searches. If you are in
possession of as little as $1,000 in cash, you automatically have it
confiscated. Good luck getting even 50-cents of it back, too.

>That's another thing. In several of the high profile drug busts that make
>it to the evening news you'll hear about how police seized some cash. It's
>as if people are trying to act like it's illegal to carry cash.

         You're absolutely right-on-the money, pun intended, of

>I read on once about a guy who was driving to another state to
>buy a car. He was one of those classic car buffs, kinda like someone who
>used to hang out on this list.

         I'm still here, Jim..............................

>Anyway the cops pulled the guy over, found the cash, seized it and
>arrested the guy. It was obvious very quickly to the local judge that the
>guy had done nothing wrong and he was released. However he never got his
>money back.

         Jim Quinn calls this "arresting the money." It's the new modus
operandi in law enforcement and dishonest as HELL!!!

>Maybe Quinn would set off the cookoo clock if I called, but I wonder if
>some people just don't like the idea of us running around with cash.

         You're quite right about this, Jim........Quinn has mentioned
stuff like this numerous times................

John Q.
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