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At 08:32 PM 11/14/2003, you wrote:

>Every one of those cops should be locked up.

I disagree. We don't know what these cops were told (falsely) about the
dangers involved.

>The people who ordered that
>raid should be locked up including the principal of the school.

Agreed but there was no real legal violation here.

>When I was in high school, the school had lockers with combination locks
>and keys.  The school had master keys to open the lockers if they needed
>to.  The students used the combination to open their lockers.  Also I was
>not aware that the 4th amendment said these protections don't apply to
>   SNIP

Let's not get carried away with constitutional red herrings. First, it is a
long (from English common law) established principle that minors are not
MEN in the "all are created equal" sense. The second amendment does not
limit the age of those who can keep and bear arms but it is understood that
5 years olds do not have that right. Minors are afforded rights very
subjectively and only the basic one is universal to any age (except those
that can't make it out of the womb without their brains being sucked out),
that being the right to life. From a legal perspective there is nothing
wrong with what was done. Remember "in loco parentis?" By sending your
child to school, you are giving the school parental powers while in their
care. Surely you agree, parents have every right (4th amendment not
withstanding) to search every corner and every one of their children's
"possessions" and can even invite the police to do so.

That being said, there are bounds beyond which parents cannot go (physical
abuse for example) and the same with schools. Except those bounds are not
as wide for a school as they are for parents. Sadly, this is (or should be)
a school board issue. It is up to the parents (voters) to elect people that
understand the bounds and are willing to enforce them. Although they can't
be bothered, it is the voters, through the school board, that should be
taking punitive action against those responsible.

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