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John A. Quayle Boss302 at LOCALNET.COM
Sun Nov 16 01:54:31 MST 2003

>>At 12:31 PM 11/15/2003 -0500, wbwhite wrote:
>>>     All good points, Dennis. Heavy hands, in and of themselves, are not
>>>necessarily bad. Who one is dealing with makes all the difference
>>>(hardcore drug users and dealers? snotty rebellious adolescents?).

"John A. Quayle" wrote:

>>         Careful, here, Bill. That's veering into "tarring all with the
>> same broad brush" and kinda dangerous.

At 07:48 PM 11/15/2003 -0500, wbwhite wrote:

>          These two groups, hardcores, strung out on mind rotting drugs,

         I attended high school in the early '70s with a few of these
types. They had their own little clique, not unlike the honors students,
the jocks, the band and so forth. I know the group quite
well..............seen 'em in action way too many times.

>the other rebellious adolescents (not decent ones like you and I have
>raised) strung out on dysfunctional relationships and raging hormones have
>reputations for being strangers to reason.

         I think that public school tends to punish those who want to use
reason and common sense. The NEA can't stand those types. But, okay, that's
the second bunch here.

>I'm not tarring here, I'm edging the trim.

         ROTFLOL!!!!!  Never heard that analogy before, but I like it!!!

>>>  Also, who the heavy hand is connected to makes a big difference.
>>         Agreed. However, it's distasteful (to put it very mildly) to
>> have kids subjected to Nazi Brownshirt tactics.............

>         No argument from me. As I said earlier, the tapes do not look good.

         I missed that part.......this new ISP doesn't deliver all my
messages in any given day. I can lose up to 25% of all posts. It's probably
their server's spam filter on hyperdrive. On a related note, it's great not
to get 15 spam posts a day for Viagra anymore.

>  When it is connected to an idiot or a power-tripping sadist, it is not good.
>>         Power is a strong "aphrodisiac" and invites corruption by it's
>> very nature.
>         I have nothing against either one. Corruption is invited into the
> human heart by the Seven Deadlies.


>>>  When it is connected to an intelligent pragmatist, well grounded in
>>> the laws on the books conditioned by the laws of common sense and the
>>> laws of human decency, the heavy hand can work out well.
>>         <snicker!>With all due respect, Bill, when have you seen "an
>> intelligent pragmatist, well grounded in the laws on the books
>> conditioned by the laws of common sense and the laws of human decency"
>> working for the government?!? As Jim Quinn often points out, "there's no
>> common sense in government. Government is what happens in lieu of common
>> sense."
>         In many schools, police departments, government agencies in this
> country there are still people in charge and in the field who have solid
> values and common sense; they are able to employ judgment and wisdom in
> the exercise of authority.

         Well, Pennsylvania seems to be among the nation's leaders in
school administrative stupidity. Just recall the East Stroudsburg incident
of forced gynecological exams of a class of seventh grade girls in 1997,
just as a single example.

>>>The school boards should be able to assert a balanced influence over
>>>this matter. And police departments, too, can be influenced positively.
>>         The vast majority of them are staffed with conservative,
>> Constitution-loving, dedicated officers.
>         This, too, is my prayer.

         It's reality..........believe it. I've seen such people show up at
Jim Quinn's nighttime think-tanks in the area.

John Q.
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